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OÜ Puhatusimport is the biggest importer and distributor of the professional cleaning products in Estonia. The company was established in 1994 and is based on Estonian capital.

Relying on skills, knowledge and experience, Puhastusimport concentrates on activities, that help the customers to achieve the best quality, the most effective results and the human-friendly environment with their cleaning works.


o       We offer the best selection of cleaning products that are necessary for creating consistent solutions.

o       We are a competent expert team when consulting the customers.

o       Our team is caring and customer-centric.


Customer-centric approach with positive and friendly attitude is inevitable in our business as it assures the long-term relationship. Acquired market experience and long co-operation with the customer enables us to foresee and lead the market regarding the new products and services.


Our customers are companies and organizations that appreciate quality, practicality and economy in cleaning solutions and products; as well as care, consultation and quick reaction in services.

Impelling force of development of Puhastusimport is co-operation with more than 1000 customers all over Baltic countries, mainly:


o       companies offering cleaning services,

o       industrial companies,

o       schools and kinder gardens,

o       cultural and sports venues,

o       medical establishments,

o       companies from other fields that appreciate quality products and professional advice.


Our customers are served in Puhastusimport’s service centers in Tallinn and Tartu as well as by distributors in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


Vision of our team is to offer the best service while developing and offering the cleaning solutions to demanding cleaners in the Baltics.


Our mission is to act as a team of experts that helps to find appropriate solutions to demanding cleaners by taking their development needs into account.


Positivism, Innovation, Care, Honesty and Achievement orientation are the values, that the team of Puhastusimport relies on during its daily activities.